Its coming on..!


Progress throughout this month has been in leaps and bounds with Tom and Fisher working hard every day with John our Builder who we have re-named ‘The Machine’. He has such strength and stamina, he never seems to get tired! Here he is with his son Stan…

At the side of the property is an area where a couple of smaller barns used to stand. One of then had already been demolished and we have began to bring the other one down slowly. The aim is to build an above ground pool inside this barn, can you visualise it…??

To the right hand side of this barn is a small terrace next to the river. We are starting to transform this into a raised terrace where we plan to put a table and chairs for alfresco dining! Here are pictures of before & after-so-far…

The biggest job this month has been the removal of the rotten ceiling…

John has made the Old winery much easier to access by converting some old doors into our new garage door, they just need a lick of paint…

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