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As well as working with Vin En Vacances, Kate Wardell has been involved in the travel industry since 1992. Kate now specialises in Villas in France & Italy, together, we’ve chosen rental properties in the Languedoc Roussillon which work hand in hand with Vin En Vacances’ wine tours; and by living and working in the Languedoc, Kate can offer a truly offer personal travel service to Vin en Vacances guests.

With over 200 properties across the region, from coastal villas, to chateaux in vineyards, the portfolio covers all tastes – and budgets.

So whether you’re a travelling gourmande, an historian with a thirst for culture – as well as wine, or simply looking to enjoy that French ‘joie de vivre’; let an expert help you plan how to get the best from France – because sometimes, a weekend just isn’t enough !

For help planning your Languedoc Adventure, please call: Saint Privat FLG238


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