Books About the Languecoc

This is my personal selection of books about Languedoc starting with my own of course!

The Wines of the Languedoc-Roussillon by Wendy Gedney

I wrote this beautifully illustrated book that tells the story of the wines of this region, describes the landscape and the terroirs and how they influence the wine styles in every appellation here. It traces the path of Vin de Pays, its importance here and how many Languedoc producers have embraced this liberating approach in order to create some of the finest wines in the region. I have not dwelled on specific wine makers; I feel that is the exciting part to discover for yourself. I love nothing more than coming across a wine that is not famed and may have been made somewhere off the beaten track but I fall in love at first sip. This book is the structure of Languedoc-Roussillon, the ‘map’, the guide that I hope you will read and take with you on your Languedoc-Roussillon travels to help you seek out incredible wines, landscapes, food and people. The book can be purchased from and costs £19.95.

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Sud de France: Food & Cooking in Languedoc-Roussillon by Caroline Conran

Caroline Conran has brought together some delicious Languedoc recipes in this book but it’s more than a cook book. It reminds me of some of wonderful cook books written by Elizabeth David, it has a similar style and is seasoned with anecdotes and little extra’s that paint a very human story.  I love this book which is sitting proudly on the shelf in my kitchen.

Sud de France: Food & Cooking in the Languedoc
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Virgile’s Vineyard by Patrick Moon

Virgile Joly is a top class wine maker. I met him a few years back when I began organising tours in the Terrasses du Larzac area near Montpellier and have included visits to his domaine on Vin en Vacances tours. The first time I met him he asked if I had read the book Virgile’s Vineyard by Patrick Moon, I hadn’t so I ordered a copy and thoroughly enjoyed it. A year in Languedoc with Patrick paints a vivid and often amusing picture of life in this rural community plus it tracks the life of a vignerons.

Virgile's Vineyard
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Arazzats Aubergines by Patrick Moon

I enjoyed Virgil’s Vineyard so much that I decided to buy Patricks second book also set in Languedoc-Roussillon.  It’s more adventures with Patrick and this time at the heart of the book is a restaurant.

Arazzats Aubergines
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Marseillan & a lot of Languedoc by Laurence Phillips

Laurence Phillips writes with such ease and humour. He has produced a Languedoc travel guide unlike any other I have ever encountered. Marseillan is a pretty little village on the étang de Thau and is well worth a visit however although this book focus on the village it is brim full of so many other delightful places and things to do.

Marseillan & a lot of Languedoc
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Labyrinth by Kate Moss

The Cathar history is brought to life in this story set in Languedoc. Kate Moss, in her inimitable style of 2 simultaneous stories linked to each other, writes of the Cathars in 1209 bringing to life the horrific account of those dark days woven into a tale of hidden symbols and the secret of the labyrinth.

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