The Vin en Vacances Wine Selection

As you can imagine we often discover some fantastic wines on our travels in Languedoc-Roussillon. We love hand crafted wines made with low sulphur levels and using traditional grape varieties grown on amazing terroirs. We like our wines to have a sense of the place they came from, made with passion and expressing the true essence of Languedoc-Roussillon. Many of the wines we love are made by small independent producers whose wines will never be found on supermarket shelves.

From these wineries we have selected a range of elegant, interesting and delicious wines that can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK and some other European countries and can be ordered on line from the Crème du Languedoc website

We can also offer a personalised service

If you’re planning a celebration or a dinner party send us your menu and we will pair it with wines from our selection and send them to you. Email and she will select Languedoc-Roussillon wines that will enhance your cooking and match the dishes superbly.

Wine Tastings

We run a range of wine tastings in Languedoc and of course the wines we taste are chosen from the Vin en Vacances Wine Selection. We usually start the tasting off with one of the fabulous sparkling wines produced here such as Blanquette de Limoux. Then we taste a couple of white wines, one traditional and the other made from grape varieties not traditionally grown in Languedoc. That way we can show case both AOP wines and IGP (Vins du Pays). We then taste a couple of reds using the same formula and finish off with a beautiful Muscat. Why not consider a tasting next time you’re on holiday in Languedoc?

Our addresses in Languedoc:

Carcassonne – 10 Rue du Pont Vieux, 11100 Carcassonne

Capestang – 126 Rue Louis Aragon, 34310 Capestang

Pézenas – Place des États du Languedoc, 34120 Pézenas

Lagrasse – 8 rue des Cancans, 11220 Lagrasse