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Vin en Vacances

Its been an action packed couple of months since we last posted progress at The Old Winery as in goes the concrete block and beam ceiling. This will help to pull the old building together and give us a wonderful basis for the underfloor heating in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Seeing the old beams removed and the concrete ones going back in has been quite exciting.

For ascetics be will be putting a few of the beams back up and Fisher has been hard at work cleaning them up.

One day Fisher found an envelope sitting on the dusty floor looking for all the world as though someone had just put it there a moment ago. When we examined it and its contents we discovered it to be a price list dating back to 1897. It is in perfect condition and must somehow have stayed dry over the last 120 years. It summarises the cost of chemical preparations for vineyards and wine making and was sent by a company called Erasme Simonnot who’s address was Quai d’Orient, Cette. Now we know a town called Sète and when I googled the company I discovered that Cette and Sète are one and the same so we are off to try to discover more about this company.



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