L’Ancienne Cave – A New Vin en Vacances Project


2017 was a wonderful year for Fisher and me. We met in January and very soon knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and so Fisher came to live with me in France.

The village where we live is in the Minervois district of the Languedoc-Roussillon and we think its one of the most beautiful in this area. Three doors down from our house is an old winery that was abandoned many decades ago. It has slowly crumbled but still stands proud amidst the decay.

It was Fisher who fell in love with the old building first and his dream to convert it into a home gradually became mine too. It took some time but in October 2017 it became ours and now we are excitedly planning the renovations which will begin this year.

We have realised that this beautiful old building could be the perfect place to hold food & wine adventures and so we plan to make The Old Winery a place for customers and friends of Vin en Vacances to spend time with us. We will reveal more of our ideas as time goes by and the renovations take shape and we hope you will follow us on our exciting project.

Wendy & Fisher