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The Roman Vineyards

Take a vineyard tour to the ancient Roman vineyards situated close to the city of Narbonne. Vines have been growing here for millennia, in fact the wines were so highly prized by the Romans that they transported them back to Rome to be enjoyed there too. These days the name of this appellation is La Clape named after the old Occitan word for pile of rocks ‘clapas’. It got this name because it was once a small rocky island sitting in the Mediterranean Sea but is now one of the most highly prized wine regions in the South of France.

During Romans times the waters that surrounded the island receded and the land became linked to the mainland which in modern times was renamed The Massif de la Clape. It is exceptionally dry and breezy and is one of the sunniest areas in Occitanie. This intense Mediterranean climate helps to produce the exceptional wines you will learn about and taste on this Languedoc wine tour.

The Roman Vineyard tour begins with a visit to one of the finest wineries in the region where we will taste both red and white wines. The white wines include an ancient grape called Bourboulenc which nearly disappeared but here is nurtured and blended with other varietals to produce some of the finest white wines in the South of France. After this visit we will head for the old circulade town of Gruissan to see the amazing landscape of the salt pans and learn how the salt is harvested.
Lunch is a delicious sea food feast, including the delicious oysters farmed here and fresh fish baked in salt. (an alternative menu is available if preferred). Afterwards you will have time to visit the salt museum and learn more about the history of the salt pans and the harvesting of the different grades of salt.

Our second vineyard experience is also on La Clape but this time on a different terroir located on the opposite side of the Massif de la Clape. Here they make an interesting range of La Clape wines plus AOP Languedoc which makes for a superb contrast to the morning visit.

Full Day Tours


The Roman Vineyards - Private Full Day Tour

2 people - 375€ per person

3 people - 285€ per person

4 people  - 225€ per person

5 people - 210€ per person

6 people - 195€ per person

7 people - 180€ per person

8 people - 170€ per person

 All prices include the knowledge and guidance of our expert wine guide, pickup and transport from Carcassonne or nearby and on a full day tour you will enjoy a delicious lunch and a winery visit.