Carcassonne Walking Tour

The French poet Gustave Nadaud (1820-1893) wrote ‘Yet could I these two days have spent, while still the autumn sweetly shone, Ah, me! I might have died content when I had looked on Carcassonne’.

This tour will bring the city of Carcassonne to life whilst you walk in the footsteps of the people who lived here in times gone by

The medieval town known as La Cité stands proud atop a hill surveying the Aude river and looking north to the Black Mountains and the ancient land of Occitanie.

We begin this 2-hour walking tour of Carcassonne with a stroll to the beautiful the Old Bridge and along the way your guide will explain the history of the town including the important cloth industry and its military past.

You will walk through the ‘ville basse’ as the village that lies below La Cité is called and enter the medieval town through an ancient gateway. Once in La Cité you will learn about the defensive buildings and walk the ramparts to discover how they were designed to protect the inhabitants. 

The Cathar history is of great importance to this area and during this tour you will learn much about the Cathar crusade that marched on Languedoc in 1208, how Carcassonne was captured and how Lord Trencavel lost his life.

This tour is available as a Scheduled tour every Monday or as a Private tour any day of the week

The price for a scheduled tour is €40 per person. Private tour prices are dependant on how many people are in your party as follows:
2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people
€50 pp €45 pp €40 pp €35 pp €30 pp €25 pp €20 pp

For larger groups please request a quotation

Children under 14 years are free when accompanied by at least 2 adults

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