Cathar Trail to Mirepoix & Château de Montségur

Mirepoix is less than an hour from Carcassonne and is a wonderful medieval town with one of the finest arcaded markets squares you will see in all France. The square is lined with medieval half-timbered houses and many of the beam ends are decorated with sculptured heads and hideous monsters. The little houses are gaily painted and on a Monday the whole town becomes a huge market, one of the best in Occitanie.

This one-day tour will take you to visit Mirepoix to discover its history and architecture including a visit to the cathedral of St-Maurice which boasts the second widest Gothic arch in Europe. Mirepoix was a very important base for the Cathars in the 13th century and many parfaits were housed here. This tour is an ideal way to walk in the footsteps of these people and learn about their beliefs and how they lived.

On a Mondays we will linger here to enjoy the busy market and have lunch and on other days we will head to the village of Montségur to eat.

In the afternoon we take the short drive to Château de Montségur which sits on a ‘pog’ or limestone peak that resembles a closed fist raised 1200 meters above you.  This is the last stronghold of the Cathars and where the Albigensian crusade came to an end in 1244 when the last Cathars were burnt at the stake.

Your guide will accompany you to the castle and explain the history of the Albigensians and the crusade against them which began in 1208 and after visiting the castle you have the option to visit the excellent museum in the village before returning to Carcassonne.

Price €135 per person

What’s includes:

  • Guided walking tour of Mirepoix
  • Entrance fee and guided walking tour of Château de Montségur
  • Delicious lunch with wine
  • Pickup and transport

Private tours range between €550 and €1000 depending on the number of people in your group.

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