Tours in Other Languages

All our ‘Open’ tours are conducted in English but if you would prefer a tour in your own language we offer ‘Private’ tours that can be conducted in French, Spanish and Dutch.


Our Spanish guide Carlos was born in Barcelona and can guide you in either Spanish or Catalan. He has lived in Languedoc for many years and has a great knowledge of the culture, the food and most importantly the wines!


All our guides speak French and will be delighted to take you on a private tour conducted in this language.

Tous nos guides parlent français et seront ravis de vous emmener dans une visite privée en français.


Our Dutch guide Marcel gained his depth of wine knowledge over a career of more than 25 years in the wine business in Holland. He has now made Languedoc his permanent home and his passion for the wines of the region will ensure you have a fabulous time on his tours.

Op al onze tours wordt Engels gesproken maar wilt u een tour in uw eigen taal dan bieden wij u privé tours aan in het Frans, Spaans of Nederlands.