Walking with Wendy

Walking and talking about wine and the region with Wendy

Wendy will pick you up and drive you to the beautiful village of La Livinière famous for its perfumed wines and home to the first Languedoc Cru and where this tour begins. From here we will take a 7K walk and over the next 2 hours pass through vineyards and across exceptional terroir and feel the freshness of the micro-climate that combines to produce quality AOP Minervois La Livinière wines.

This walk is available all year round

We will be walking in the foothills of the Montagne Noire within part of the Le Petit Causse where the soils are very stony and include a lot of limestone. These shallow soils are smothered in garrigue, the name given to the wild, low growing Mediterranean scrubland which is a mixture of holm oaks, juniper trees, broom and cistus that’s intermingled with wild herbs such as lavender, rosemary, thyme and sage.

During the walk Wendy will explain the terroir and the effect it has on the growing conditions for the vines and the resulting style of the wines. We will stop to look at vines and discover the cycle of the vineyard and learn how the winemaker cares for the vines and decides when it’s time to pick. You will see many capitelles, ancient stone buildings and learn what they were used for in days gone by. 

This circular walk will bring us back to the charming stone built village of La Livinière with its ancient, winding streets, alleys and arches. The Latin word for wine cellar is cella vinaria and it’s from this that the name of the village is thought to stem. We can take a stroll around the pretty village and visit the ancient church with its domed tower said to be a copy of a chapel in Bethlehem.

Now it’s time for a well-earned rest and a delicious picnic in an olive grove belonging to one of the interesting characters that make wine in this village. After eating we will get to meet him and hear how he has begun a new life as a wine maker and of course taste his wines. We will also taste the delicious olive oil he and his wife make.

After saying our goodbyes we will take the scenic drive through the hills to reach the beautiful village of Minerve where you will have a time to explore and learn about the Cathar siege that took place here 800 years ago. There is also an optional 1 hour walk in the hills surrounding the village so of you have the energy Wendy will be delighted to walk these hills, they are one of her favourite places in Languedoc.

 The price of this Prestige Private Tour ranges from €590 for 2 people to €980 for 8 people.

What’s included: Blue 10 Year Logo

  • Walking with Wendy
  • Winery visit and tasting
  • Olive oil tasting
  • Excellent lunch accompanied by Cru Minervois wines
  • Visit to the village of Minerve & optional second walk
  • Pickup and transport

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