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Vin en Vacances

Vin en Vacances is introducing an exciting new creative project for 2024! In connection with the Languedoc Vine Guardians, local artist Annette Morris will be giving a year of online sketch tutorials and workshops in the Puy vineyards.

Wendy has recently started watercolour sketching in some of Annette’s local classes, and has been enjoying the process immensely. Sketching helps you not just develop drawing and painting skills, but it helps you slow down, take notice & learn more about your surroundings, and can introduce you to others with a similar interest!

Wendy suggested that Annette might run some workshops to ‘sketch the seasons’ at Vignoble Puy and the sketchbook project developed from there.

A Year in the Vines’ is a series of 12 monthly online tutorials that will follow life in and around Vignoble Puy. Annette will be visiting Leanne & Emmanuel every month, so you can make a virtual visit to learn more about the progression of the vines, and find out what else is going on in the winery. The project will be a fascinating combination of art techniques and telling the story of the life of a vineyard in Languedoc.

The beauty of this project is that you don’t need to be an artist to take part! If you have an interest in wine or drawing and a few basic materials, that will be enough!

Annette will guide you step by step to create your own vineyard sketchbook. You can work on the sketches at your own pace, and in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Annette is always on hand to answer questions and can even introduce you to other people also taking the course.

All the tutorials will be available on Annette’s website so you can start the project at any time!

Monthly price 25€/month or 200€ for all 12 classes. A special offer price of 99€ is available for registrations before 1st January 2024!

For anyone also able to attend a workshop in person, there will be 4 morning sketch classes in the Puy vineyards to ‘Sketch the Seasons’.

  • 29 February
  • 25 April
  • 5 September
  • 31 October

Each 3hr workshop will be very different and sketch materials can be provided if you do not have your own.

Places are limited for the classes in the vineyard so please sign-up soon if there is a date that you would like to join.

Individual workshop price: 75€* (includes refreshments)

Join all 4 Roubia workshops for 250€* and you’ll also receive the online Year in the Vines class every month for free!

* Discounts are available for all Vine Guardians, please contact Wendy for details.


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