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La Cité: Guided Walking Tour of Carcassonne

Join our history guide for a 2-hour walking tour around Carcassonne, one of Europe’s largest medieval and best-preserved walled cities.

This private walking tour begins at Porte Narbonnaise the main entrance to Carcassonne and where there are exceptional panoramic views across the Aude valley. La Cité de Carcassonne was restored by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th-Century and since 1997 has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is believed the name Carcassonne may have originated from word “Carsac,”, a Gallic word for settlement and the Romans also occupied this site from the 1st century, probably due to its strategic location. The tour starts with a walk around the ramparts where your guide will explain the location and the defensive buildings including the barbican and the murder hole where you will discover how their design protected the cities inhabitants.

Once inside the town you will stroll the narrow alleyways winding your way through and past the medieval buildings. Your guide will explain the highly important siege wells that are often found in fortified fortresses which were protected by the city walls prevented the water from being poisoned or the wells from being destroyed by the enemy.

During the tour you will also learn about the Cathar history including the Cathar crusade that marched on Languedoc in 1208 and you will hear how Lord Trencavel lost his life. He lived in a castle built inside the walls of the city called Château Comtal which can be visited separately after the tour. If you wish to visit the chateau we recommend you book your entrance tickets in advance.

The Basilica of Saints Nazarius and Celsus was until 1803 a cathedral called Saint-Michel de Carcassonne. It was elevated to Basilica in 1898 and this tour will visit it as well as other important sites bringing the city of Carcassonne to life while you walk in the footsteps of the people who lived here in times gone by.

Guided Walking Tour of Carcassonne

2 to 4 people - €200

5 to 8 people - €250

9 to 12 people - €300